Gift giving can be tricky.  We take the frustration and time out of thoughtful gift giving - we’ve already found the products that will impress and delight and we have packaged them and will have them shipped safely to your recipient's door, so you don’t need to worry about the logistics of finding and sending that perfect gift. No post office to deal with.  No rearranging your kitchen drawers trying to find tape.  Let us take care of it all - because you want to spend your time hearing all about how much they love the gift you just sent them, not taking care of all of the elements of a gift well purchased.

Find The Perfect Gift

We have created a gifting experience that your chosen gift box receiver will love.  Each product inclusion has been thoughtfully sourced and chosen because they are covetable, of the highest quality and their creators are hugely passionate about their products.  The passion and love in each product can be felt and the premium nature of this box is evident in the quality of each of our chosen products.

Gift With Intention

Box Of The Moment

We know time is scarce but that the people you love and care about are important.  We want to help you keep your time for the things that really matter - like the phone call you’ll spend chatting to your over the moon recipient when their gift arrives, so instead of spending your precious time hunting shops for that elusive perfect gift, or trawling websites hoping for inspiration, we’ve done it all for you! Box Lane Co have your covered.

Find The Perfect Box

We have worked hard to find the best products that local businesses have to offer, so that we can gift you back your time - with curated gift boxes for all occasions, easily purchased in less time than it takes to order a coffee.

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