Making every drink exceptional, Huski is your ultimate companion when celebrating el fresco.  A fabulous edition to picnics, days at the lake, camping trips and simply for enjoying hot and cold beverages on the go.  The sleek and modern design, coupled with incredible functionality, is one of our favourite anchor products.  We know you will love your Huski piece as much as we do. Cheers!

The Huski Wine Tumbler is included in our 'Sip & Savour' and 'Naughty But Nice' gift box. 

The Huski Beer Cooler is included in the 'On The Rocks' gift box. 

The Huski Wine Cooler Tote and Huski Wine Cooler is included in the 'Summer Saviour' gift box. 

The Huski Bottle Opener is included in the 'Get Off The Grid' gift box. 

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